Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dee is safe

Via the TH web site, I understand that Dee is safe and well. I have no doubt that it has been a very unpleasant time for her and everyone else hit by either of the recent hurricanes, Gustav or Ike.

There is no news about her home yet, so please keep your fingers crossed that it has suffered little or no damage. For me hurricanes used to be just an item on the news in far away places. But now, having friends caught up in the trauma has brought a stark reality to the situation.

Dee, we miss you and hope you will be home soon.

Dreamer ...........


Dana Smith said...

I'm just glad I was able to pass on the information to you, like she asked me too. I know it's hard worrying about someone like that, so at least I was able to put your mind at ease.

alan said...

That news was the highlight of my day yesterday!

May everyone have their lives back soon, in spite of the government's "help"!


Dana Smith said...

I thought I would update this with the newest news about Dee. I asked her about her house today, and she said there is minor damage, but she has been staying there since Saturday evening. So it can't be TOO bad, and I hope it isn't too major to get it fixed quickly and easily for her. The trucks were there working on her utilities too, so hopefully she should have them back on soon. They sai no later then the 23rd, and maybe even sooner. Just thought I'd pass it on to you two.