Monday, 1 September 2008

Self Confidence

We all lack self confidence - some more than others. Sometimes all it takes is some positive thinking to overcome the problem but normally it takes some help and reassurance from a friend. Well last week I had a long chat with a very good friend and the topic turned to cosmetics - an area that I had not even considered exploring as part of my current journey. There we have it, the seeds were sown and I went shopping at the week end with a whole different agenda. What a bewildering world I found as I went exploring, so much marketing hype with different manufacturers using different names for the same sort of products. Anyway I eventually ended up with some Apple & Grape shower gel, Rose scented body lotion, lip gloss - both clear and a natural shade of pink, and at risk of going a step to far, mascara. Nothing was expensive but it was a whole new world. Even standing in those areas of the shops and browsing through the shelves took a degree of control to stop me feeling embarrassed. Yet so far, whenever I have been out shopping I have always found the ladies very helpful and accommodating as I moved along "their" shelves. Clearly much of our uneasiness is generated by ourselves, rather than others, because we are not in our usual environment. I think this mirrors my feelings and uneasiness at going to the hairdressers, and yet I was made to feel at ease by all the ladies there.

As individuals this is a very difficult lesson for us to learn, and even then each new situation presents another hurdle to get across.


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