Sunday, 31 August 2008


Well I kept my appointment at the hairdressers this morning. I was tidied up in no time at all without any embarrassment although I did feel awkward for the first few minutes. So a big success!
I was a bit taken aback when the first question was - did I want it washed and that it would be no trouble - definitely not a man's salon! Well since I had just washed it the previous night I said no, but next time I will indulge and be pampered. We discussed a number of other things such as having layers. I explained that my hair was naturally very curly and I thought I needed the length and weight to help straighten it. I was reassured however, that some simple layers would help my hair grow downwards rather than outwards. So now I have layers! She also asked me what style I wanted so that she could cut the hair to support it. I deferred this decision until until next time, saying that at the moment my target was just to grow my hair down to my shoulders. At this, there was encouragement from one of the other customers who said - "Go for it"! Considering that I hadn't had my hair cut for 11 months, she was very complimentary about its condition and specifically that I had no split ends.

So all in all I have achieved what I set out to do and a bit more. Having it washed and discussions about style are definitely on the agenda for my next visit in a couple of months.

This is another big step down my road to I don't know where.


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Ladies Hairdressers

Well, I finally plucked up the courage to ring a Ladies Hairdresser and booked an appointment for Saturday morning. After a lot of debate I decided to use our local Hairdresser which is very close to where I live. In for a penny - in for a pound as we say.

There was a bit of supprise in the Hairdresser's response over the phone when I asked if I could book an appointment. I think she is imagining I want a man's haircut. Well I explained that I had been growing my hair and it needed a trim to tidy it up. I have a feeling I should been a bit more detailed, but the truth is that I am not sure just what to say or ask for in womens terms. So I will have to see what happens on Saturday morning. I think I will just say that I have been growing my hair for the last year and it needs tidying. As I want to grow it down to my shoulders I don't want to lose the general length or at least not very much. If I add that it is an opportunity for the hairdresser to see my hair so that she can advise on future care and be more prepared for my next visit, that may open things up a little as I don't think I would be able to ask for a women's style just yet.

It's another step along the road to I know not where and I am pleased I have taken it. I just hope it is a successful visit.


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Clothes - another step along the way for a closet Cross Dresser trying to escape

I recently bought some skirts from eBay. Today I was looking in Asda (the UK Wal-Mart) for a nice top to go with them. It sounds silly, but standing in the middle of the ladies clothing section checking out clothes in my size - I'm definitely not petite - can be somewhat daunting. It shouldn't be, because the clothes could be for anyone, but knowing that they were for me made me feel uncomfortably and self conscious.

Eventually I found a really nice simple V-necked jumper with long sleeves in just the right size, and available in pale Lemon or Pink. I bought the lemon one. I am really pleased with it, it fits well and it looks nice on with several of the skirts. The amazing thing is that a few months ago I would never have even looked at such a colour. I also liked the pink one and felt comfortable at the thought of wearing it. I may go back tomorrow and buy it as well as it wasn't at all expensive. I found that a necklace displayed nicely in the V-neck makes a huge difference and immediately tilts the balance of perception sharply in favour of female rather than any lingering male doubts. I really am starting to understand the pleasure all you ladies get when out shopping for clothes.

These are small simple things, but to me they are giant steps forward. My next big hurdle will be to book myself in at the ladies hairdresser's for a trim to tidy up my hair as it is now quite long. Whether or not I can face asking for a shampoo as well remains to be seen but I know a manicure is a step too far at the moment.

I think this must be several steps along the road to who knows where.