Thursday, 27 November 2008

Take A Deep Breath..

Take a deep breath is exactly what I said to myself this evening, to help control my nerves as I went into the hairdresser's to book an appointment for Saturday. In fact it was pretty easy and straight forward as (unexpectedly) the salon was empty, apart from the hairdresser herself. So we had a few minutes conversation discussing options for my hair without coming to any real conclusions. I booked to have my hair washed as well as cut and this will give her more opportunity to assess how best to cut it. Probably she will trim a little off the back to help level it up with the sides which are shorter. She knows I don't really want to loose any of the length. As my hair is thick, wirey and curly I think she will want to put some layers in as well to help stop it becoming too bushy. I will have to wait and see how the visit goes.

With my confidence topped up I had to get some timber from the local DIY store. It was dark, quite late and I knew the store would be very quiet so I decided to wear a pair of ladies shoes. They are a proper ladies shoe (UK size 9) with a 2" heel. Quite easy and comfortable to wear and very definitely feminine. I was wearing black ankle socks so nothing stood out from a distance unless someone was specifically looking and noticed the 2" heels. Fortunately the pink toes and heels of my socks were hidden inside the shoes.
Well to cut a long story short, no one seemed to notice anything and all passed off OK and I left the store. Walking out with some 2.4 M lengths of timber under my arm, I really felt that I had managed to reach another milestone - even if it was mainly about my own self confidence!

It had been raining earlier so I was aware of the rainwater puddles and the need to tread more carefully than I would when wearing men's shoes, an obvious but unexpected lesson to learn.



alan said...

Your appointment should have come and gone now; I hope it went well!

I'd have never thought about the shoes making a difference like that! I wear running shoes most of the time, and have to be careful not to overflow the venting in puddles, but would never have guessed about the other!

Of course, we're to the time of year here where felt-pack boots are more in order anyway!


alan said...

I see words from you other places and know you are OK, but wish I'd find you here again...

Thinking of you...